Business Correspondence


Business Correspondence is designed to meet
the clients’ needs in today’s highly competitive marketplace where first impressions are key to establishing lucrative business relations.

Whether it is communicating with an international supplier or writing a comprehensive
report for a U.S. based corporation, Business Correspondence runs the gambit of
business scenarios. This course pays particular attention to presenting oneself
effectively using written English, and how to avoid e-mail wars. Often neglected, this
skill presents countless pitfalls which must be navigated with precision and tact, given
today’s inter-cultural forum.

This course is constructed to run twelve weeks. However, it can be easily customized to
fit the clients’ unique requirements. As with the other modules, it is designed to work
around the individual and/or a group setting. Subsequently, the module relies on
feedback not only from the instructor but from the group as a whole. It is the perfect
setting whereby the participant can benefit from another’s experience. Real-life
examples are expected and encouraged.

Business Correspondence includes the following segments:

  • Back to basics – Fundamentals of Writing
  • Letters – Formal vs Informal
  • E-mails – Formal vs Informal
  • Facsimiles
  • Memorandum Basics
  • Writing a Report
  • Cover Letters
  • CVs & Resumes

The above is based upon the functional approach, which incorporates the reasons
behind the correspondence. This module employs idiomatic language, phrasal verbs,
softeners, modifiers and the KISS Rule. In addition, both American English and British
English conventions are addressed. Whatever the business scenario, the participant will
be able to effectively and efficiently navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of
written communication with confidence and professionalism.

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